Is Surfing Something for You?

Surfing is a fun activity for everyone to do all year round in Puerto Vallarta. If you can swim and do a push up, then you can learn to surf. We’ve had students as young as 4 years old all the way to 65- and they all had a blast!

Most of our surf lessons take place in Punta de Mita. It is here that the waves are most consistent, and the beaches we’ll take you to are way nicer than those in Puerto Vallarta. It does take about 45 minutes to get there though so plan on the experience taking up 4-5 hours: 1 hour to get there, 2.5 hours of surf lessons, 1 hour to get back.

We provide all the equipment for your lesson: the surfboard, a leash and will even pick you up at an agreed meeting point (it can be your hotel). Bring sun screen, some water (we can purchase it along the way), a towel, and dry clothes if you want to be dry on the way back (not necessary but highly recommended).

Our surf lessons and tours don’t just focus on the water experience. We want to make sure you enjoy your whole trip, and will give you tips on what to see and do while in Bahia de Banderas.

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A beginner surf lesson in Puerto Vallarta is a private instruction for you or your party providing one on one tuition for up to 3 people in a group of all ages. Should your group have more than 3 members, we’ll split it as needed and provide each group with an instructor who’ll be helping you all the time. You’ll start off with 15 minutes of beach work, learning about your equipment, safety, how to position yourself on the board and learn how to master your stand up to get you up and riding on the waves. You will then go into the water for 1.5- 2 hours and learn how to stand up and ride the waves to the beach.

There are several beaches where we can take you to, the final decision will depend on the swell and conditions at the time of the lessons. We want to make sure you get the most out of your day! These beaches are also the nicest in the whole bay (everyone seems to agree on this) so this will be more than just a surf experience: you’ll get to see something you probably won’t otherwise.

Requirement: participants must know how to swim.

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If you already know how to surf and want to explore some of the breaks in the area we can make it happen. Our website already gives info on how to get to some of the most popular spots, but there are others  we prefer remain uncrowded- some of them require a boat to get to. We can take you to the finest surf spots Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita have to offer.  You’re welcome to bring your own boards but if you don’t have one you can rent them from us. Whether you are here to learn to surf or are a more experienced surfer, we will work out an experience that suits you and fits in with your stay. Clients often tell us that the surf day/s were the highlight of their Puerto Vallarta trip!

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Odds are that after (or during 😉 ) a surf session you’re going to be hungry, and who’s not up for some great tacos and a cerveza fria anyway?

Surf & Explore

If this is something that suits your fancy we can extend the surf lesson/ mission to include a stop at one of our favorite taco joints in Punta de Mita or La Cruz. You’ll find mostly locals at these places, and will get to eat real Mexican food.

Surf & Food TourS

We’ve partnered with Vallarta Food Tours and can offer you a  surf lesson + a Vallarta Food tour package deal (with a 20 % discount) which can be enjoyed on the same or different days. Recommended by Fodor’s Travel, Lonely Planet, Travel Weekly and other top rated Media.  Vallarta Foor Tours takes you along Puerto Vallarta’s cobble stone streets to immerse you in a unique food and cultural experience.

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