It is possible to surf in Puerto Vallarta all year, however the summer months (June-September) tend to be quieter and the waves lack quality. Still if you really want to surf odds are at least one of the spots will be breaking: Las Lanchas, Burros and Sayulita are the best bets for those summer days, and during the rest of the year you will simply have to decide which break suits your fancy. There are no buoys from which to get real data, thus surfers rely on mathematical models from online sites such as Magic Seaweed (forecast embeded below) or to plan the surf sessions.

The climate of Puerto Vallarta is ideal to surf year round, with very humid, cloudy and hot days with frequent thunderstorms during the summer months, and pleasant, clear blue sky days during the rest of the seasons. The sun is rather strong so bring a rashguard if you aren’t tanned when you get here. You wont need a wetsuit at any time of the year as the water temperature is always above 23C.