El Anclote is a great wave for everybody-when it’s breaking. Truth is that it needs a decent S to SW swell for the break to get going, but when it does there will be no other place in the world you’d rather be. The wave is not particularly fast and is ideal for beginners when it is small, yet intermediate and advanced surfers will have a lot of fun when it reaches the 5 to 6 ft range (it seldomly gets any bigger than that). El Anclote is a point break that reels over a rounded rock reef (deep enough to not pose a threat at all) creating a ride that can be long, very long, easily reaching the 500 meters on a good day and if riding it all the way to the shore right by the second jetty. Think of it as Puerto Vallarta’s version of Malibu minus the crowd ( you’ll never be alone, but if it’s breaking there will be enough waves for everyone without having to wait for long). If the sun is too strong and you’re tired from all the paddling sip a chilled Corona or eat Tostadas with Ceviche while watching the action and you’ll find yourself jumping into the water again in no time.

How to Get There

It is very easy to get to reach this wave. If you have your own car exit the main road to Tepic at the Punta de Mita exit and follow this road all the way to the end (about a 15 minute drive) making sure you watch out for the frequent speed bumps. When you reach the roundabout you will be forced to follow a small road 3/4 into the turn that heads down to a few restaurants and hotels. Park you car and check the surf- you’re there.

Dangers and Annoyances

None. The reef might be somewhat sketchy when the tide is very low, otherwise there’s no problem- perhaps the most important annoyance will be that the sun set half an hour ago and you still want to surf more.

Surf a good wave here and you’ll be grinning the rest of the week. Located at the very end of Punta de Mita, El Anclote is probably the most fun and enjoyable longboard wave in Puerto Vallarta, and suitable for all levels. During the winter months the water is turquoise blue, there’s dozens of pelicans plunging around you when you paddle to the lineup and it’s not uncommon to see humpback whales jumping while you wait for the set.