La Lancha is a relatively easy wave and is one of the most consisten breaks in the area, although the tide plays a big role on the wave’s quality. The faster left breaks over submerged boulders that beginner surfers (and intermediate) might find intimidating and not without reason. On the other hand the longer, usually slower but perhaps more fun right is suitable for longboards and good fun. The paddle to the break is quite long, but if the swell is good the up to 6ft + waves will be enough of an incentive to keep you in the water as long as your arms can handle.

Getting There

There is no sign or anything that reveals the existance of the beach, but it’s not hard to find: from Puerto Vallarta head North and take the Punta de Mita Exit. Drive along this road for about 15 minutes, past Veneros Resort, Palladium resort and Destiladeras beach. Once you reach the Pemex gas station on the right slow down and park your car somewhere in it. The trail to the beach is on the opposite side of the road, and there’s another one about 100 m to the left as well. Currently there’s some issues regarding rights to one trail or the other, but both are open these days. 

Dangers and Annoyances

There is a rock at the point that is barely underwater during low tide- sometimes it is exposed. It is right at the drop in spot, so caution is advised. Other than this see lice and the reef are the only other dangers you’ll find in the water. Outside car theft can be a problem, so make sure you don’t leave any valuables exposed.

Located in a small yet beautiful beach La Lancha is an A frame point break suitable for surfers of all skills and abilities. During the winter months pelicans and other fishing birds abound this beach giving a spectacular diving show to both surfers and those on the sand- in fact non surfers come to this beach when looking for an uncrowded spot and nice water so swim in. This said there are rocks in the water that have to be observed at all times, and reaching it is not as pleasant during the rainy season: the trek becomes muddy, there’s mosquitoes all around, the ocean dumps branches and trees on the beach and, like in the rest of Bahia de Banderas, the water becomes chocolate brown from river sedimentation.