Many consider Burros to be the best surfing wave in the area around Puerto Vallarta, and not without reason. It’s a right that breaks over a rocky reef that does not pose a threat when the tide is high, and perhaps only a minor one when the tide is low because eventhough the rocks are about 2-3 feet below the surface they are not sharp and are usually covered in algae (sometimes more than others). The wave is suitable for beginners when it’s small but good or superb for intermediate and advanced surfers when not.

The Wave

Burros is somewhat fast when the surf has 5ft+ faces, and breaks about 100-200 meters from the shore. The break can hold waves with up to 10ft faces closing out when it gets any bigger (which rearely happens anyhow). The ride is in the 30 to 200 meter range again depending on the swell and tide- hight tide is the best when the swell is solid, low tide will bring a rideable yet mushy wave when it is not. The break is fairly consistent breaking more than 300 days/year , and offshore or side-offshore winds on a South or SW swell are what Burros needs to make the session epic (yes, you can have an epic session here). All this makes Burros a great surfing spot, and hence it also makes it crowded.

How to Get There

This great surfing spot in Puerto Vallarta is reachable by boat (duh) and by car. If on vacation and staying near El Anclote beach you can hop on a boat at any time and ask to be taken here. It does not come in cheap though: 700 pesos/boat for a 2-3 hour session.

Getting here by car is relatively easy. If comming from Puerto Vallarta leave the main road (Carretera de Tepic) at the Punta de Mita exit and continue along this secondary road for about another 15 minutes. You will cross a town called La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, one of the best beaches in the area ( Playa Destiladeras) and a few top end resorts including Los Veneros (which also has a break). Continue along this road until you reach Palladium Resort on your left which is where you will turn (left).

About 15 meters into this road you will see an unpaved road the slopes down the left in front of the curve. Some surfers ride the car all the way to the beach along this path, but I don’t recommend it unless you have a 4×4.

If you decide not to choose the above mentioned option drive down the slightly windy road until you see the entrance to the resort and look for a place to leave the car (the small unpaved road on the left 10 meters before the gate is a good place) as you will not be allowed to park your car inside or walk down to the beach through the property.

It gets less comfortable from here. Follow the unpaved path all the way to the end and then continue along the small trail that leads to the beach accross the jungle-like forrest, either jumping over the fence or following the trail parallel to it all the way to the beach. You would expect to find the break for yourself, but don’t worry because you wont. It is too famous and too easy to get to from the resort right in front.

Dangers and Annoyances

Hitting the reef while surfing during low tide and getting stung by jelly fish or sea lice are the only dangers you will find inside the water, as long as you don’t trip when walking down to the beach. If any of these things cause more pain than can be handled paddle (or walk) to the beach at Palladium Hotel which is about 250 meters away from the break and ask for help.

Outside the water car theft is the biggest concern. Make sure you leave nothing visible (especially surfboards on the roof!) and leave you car locked- unless you’re sure nothing is of value and then leave the windows open instead.